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PHCC at Riverside - Information

Welcome.  The purpose of this note is to provide you with some guidance and some helpful do's and don'ts for use of the site and river.

There are two sections the first applicable to all users and the second with additional information for racing/flat water training sessions.  


                     Section 1 - information for all users

Risk Assessment. Wimborne Dreamboats, December 2015.pdf Attendance Sheet.docx Riverside Guidelines Including Racing Sessions Dec 2015.pdf

6. New Paddlers to the Club/Membership - we welcome new paddlers.   If you want to keep coming after 2 or 3 sessions please join the Club.   This supports the cost of things like providing equipment and training coaches but more importantly ensures you and we are covered by our insurance through Canoe England.  It is easy to join through our website see the ‘Join’ section and how to use “Webcollect

Please also ensure that you complete a Paddler Consent Form which includes health and next of kin/emergency contact details on your first attendance. If any of this information changes update your form please.


www.phcc.org.uk           Updated :  June 2021


1.  Public Use - the Club does not have sole use of the car park or  pontoon. Please respect other users and in particular Dreamboats (row  boat hire) when they are using the pontoon.                       


2. Car Parking - please park tightly towards the river end of the car park. Do not park so that the Scout Hall doors cannot be opened.  Additional parking may be available on the road and at certain times in parts of the nearby Industrial Estate next to the Market – follow Coaches instructions please do not just park and assume it is OK.                   


3. River Use - this section of river is also used by rowers from Canford

School.  If rowers are out keep left of them (pass right side to right side) and give way if in doubt - rowing boats hurt!!


4. Safety - Hygiene - this is a fresh water river.  Make sure you wash your

hands before eating.  Keep cuts and abrasions covered when on the  water. Although we are not aware of any cases of Weil's Disease on this  river; it is a possibility so if you experience flu like symptoms within 2  weeks of being on any fresh water paddling location tell your GP - just in  case. Swans - in the Spring nesting season swans above the road bridge (towards Julian's Bridge) can be aggressive - take care!


5. Environment and Care of Site - it goes without saying we should not

leave litter. Great if we can also care for the environment by picking up litter left by others particularly if we find it in the river.  If you are bringing or taking boats and equipment that has been used or will be  used in other fresh water areas it is strongly recommended they are  cleaned and dried or disinfected to prevent fungal contamination - invasive species spread. Our local superb example of a chalk-stream has a problem - the River Allen’s native crayfish are at risk  from a fungal infection carried on damp equipment and it may be too late  for them now.

See this YouTube video about good practice in cleaning equipment >>




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