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Section 2 - Club Racing Boat and Flatwater Sessions


Let's start on time and together - please arrive in time to book in for the session and be ready to get on the water 15 minutes later.  For example for the Saturday morning 9am to 10.15am session arrive at or before 9am and be ready at the pontoon for 9.15am.  This helps coaches to get the best out of the session for everyone. When Wednesday evening sessions are running be ready on the water for 6.30pm.


Donation - we are currently requesting a £1 donation for every paddler attending. This money is going towards the costs associated with the site which will include, rent, utility costs and equipment maintenance and repair.


River limits for sessions - the paddling area is from just above the road bridge upstream of the pontoon to the suspension bridge just downstream of Canford School Boat House.  Do not paddle outside of these limits unless you are with a coach or have obtained their agreement. Thanks.


Buoyancy AIDS (BA)/Footwear - the general rule is that if you are in any doubt (weather, water levels, competence to deal with flows etc) wear a BA.   
Juniors (under 18 years)  must always wear BAs, Senior paddlers who are not at Divisional level 6 or above must always wear BAs. Senior paddlers (Division 6 and above paddler standard) can choose not to wear BAs in British Summer Time.  So when the clocks change BAs on please.
All Paddlers must wear BAs when paddling in the dark.  

All paddlers should wear protective footwear.


Paddling Sessions when it is Dark - only experienced (Divisional paddler standard) can paddle when it is dark.  They must have a light turned on and attached to them - so that their position can be easily identified.

Updated :  December 2019

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