Poole Harbour Canoe Club is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation -  Registration # 1152531

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 The “Really Simple” Step-by-step guide to joining PHCC



If you enjoy being out in the environment, then Poole Harbour offers one of the best wildlife areas on the South Coast  - and if you haven’t experienced it during every month of the year then you have an enjoyable experience awaiting you.  If you’re into wildlife what better place to view from - than a quiet kayak.

If you want to be learning new skills in a wide range of different disciplines then few clubs can offer you the range of expertise available in PHCC.  Advice and help is always given to those who show they are keen to develop their abilities - whether it’s in white-water, canoeing, rock-hopping, sea kayaking, navigation, wild camping … or whatever, there’s always some-one around with a similar interest.

If you’re a junior and want to be in a

group learning basic skills or enjoying challenges then Poole Harbour Canoe Club has a lot of members just like you !  Contact the Junior Rep via the contacts ‘tab’ at the top of all the pages  and see what we do at Junior evening sessions.

But maybe it’s group paddling - and chatting in a calm environment that is your main interest ….  Once again that’s no problem since you’ll be invited to a ‘New Members Session’ on joining and that’s a great way to  get to know other members.

If you prefer shorter boats and white water - or maybe want to try to develop skills in handling a boat in moving water - well there’s a whole range of levels and environments that other members will be happy to share with you.  This year we’ve also introduced a new ‘Challenge Scheme’ to encourage everyone to try something new - and have fun whilst doing it !      Finally -  If we don’t already do it then maybe your suggesting an idea will be the start of something that everyone can enjoy.


So maybe you think you might want to join PHCC and would like to know a little more about the club ….  Well one way to find out how diverse the group is would be to flick through the menu tabs at the top of the site.  Each of the pages on which you land will have lots of others that are grouped with it - so you may find checking out the whole site will take a while.


These few pages in the ‘join’ section should help you skip through a lot of the details and see a few basics.   The ‘joining page’ is at the end of this section and is used by new members and by those already in the club who want to renew their membership (April 1st subs are due - but if you’re new and joining later in the year, the membership secretary will offer you a pro-rata reduction based on what remains of a full year’s subs)  So to skip & join now, follow this link >>