Poole Harbour Canoe Club is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation -  Registration # 1152531

Poole Harbour Commissioners have also produced this map of bird sensitive areas -

This too can be downloaded as a pdf

( click on the image area )


Remember we all share

Poole Harbour – try to leave

it undisturbed for the

wildlife and other harbour


Found a Problem ?

If you would like to know more about the harbour and the protection needed for the environment of which all water users should be aware - then visit ths ‘Code of Conduct’ pahe of the PHC.   Following a team effort       there’s this useful leaflet

                    ( Click the image for the link )

Seal Sightings Code of conduct web.pdf Download the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s ‘Seal Sighting’ form Download the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s  ‘Multiple Seal Sighting’ form

Please report seal sightings including photos to

Dorset Wildlife Trust           

01929 481044   



If you are concerned about the welfare of a marine mammal

Contact  British Divers Marine Life Rescue

01825 765546


07787 433412

(out of hours)

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